Meet Our 2018-2019 Team

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Executive Team

Michelle is a 4th year student in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program. She is passionate about events and is working towards a future in this industry through volunteering, professional related work and extracurricular activities. Michelle has been a part of RHTSS since her second year. She started as an Event Manager, promoted to Vice President of Events the following year, and now President. In her free time, Michelle enjoys eating, travelling, and spending time with her friends.


Karen Dela Cruz Sancho is completing her final year of Hospitality and Tourism Management, with a minor in Marketing at Ryerson University. During her time at Ryerson University Karen has been an active student leader, starting as an Athlete on the Ryerson Track and Field team to an associate on AIESEC Ryerson and a mentor in the HTMentoring program. She is passionate about helping others, while being involved. In 2017, Karen got the opportunity to organize a 5-day conference for 300+ student leaders across Canada, and as the Vice-President of Logistics took on the role of event planning to create a successful event. Upon graduation, Karen is hoping to pursue a career in corporate event planning within the hospitality industry

Events Team

Doanna is a 4th year coop student for the Hospitality and Tourism Management program at Ryerson University. She chose this program with the simple desire of wanting to touch people’s lives and make them happy using acts of service. She enrolled in the program in 2015 wanting to go into the lodging sector however through her coop placements Doanna discovered her passion for Food and Beverage industry. Her goal has shifted since then and hopes to be in a managerial position after graduation. Right now she currently works at Pai Northern Thai Kitchen (as a front of house staff) and Aramark at Roger’s Centre (as a Premium Suite Administrator). However, aside from her work and studies Doanna loves hanging out with her friends/ family, eating out and travelling. If there’s one thing she can’t live without it’s her bubble tea!

Zehra is a 3rd year international student of the Hospitality and Tourism Management program with a minor in Law. A first-timer to the RHTSS, she is one of three Events Directors, and chose this position due to her love and passion for the events industry in Toronto. Planning a career in the Fashion and Entertainment sector, Zehra chose the Hospitality and Tourism Management program because of her deep interest in the industry. She has experience with a multitude of event types, including Toronto Fashion Week and Toronto International Film Festival. She loves the full-time schedule that events brings into her life, and will continue to plan and execute them for the experience and joy it brings.

Mai Trinh is currently a 2nd year student in the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program at Ryerson University. She has demonstrated ability to organize well and build excellent customer relationships with experience in several Event Planning positions: Event Director of HTM Student Society (2018-2019), Events Associate of Ryerson Recreation (2018), and Events Associate of the Filipino-Canadian Association of Ryerson. In the summer of 2018, she successfully finished the Marriott Internship in Kelowna, BC. Mai loves planning trips, exploring nature and trying new, different cuisines. Her dream job is to open a small business which relates to Food and Beverage or to work internationally.

Kelly Diep is currently in her 3rd year as a student in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program with a minor in Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University. This will be Kelly’s first year in the Ryerson Hospitality and Tourism Students Society as an Events Director. Kelly has a passion for the events industry and hopes to work in the entertainment business in the future. She loves working different events because she enjoys being behind the scenes and seeing things come together. She also admires the food and beverage industry and is currently working as a server. Travelling is one of Kelly’s biggests passions and she aspires to work and study abroad in the near future. She loves to be imerged in different cultures around the world and experience new things. In her free time, Kelly enjoys exploring new music, reading mystery and horror novels.

Corporate Relations Team

Kimberley Rodrigues is a 3rd year Marketing Management student, minoring in Philosophy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Ryerson University. She is part of the Top 200 Student program and Co-op program. Kimberley joins the RHTSS with prior experience as the Head of Project Management at Enactus (Singapore). Kimberley is a highly analytical person, passionate about creating sustainable solutions for complex marketing opportunities. Kimberley has experience working in public relations and marketing, in both agency and organisational environments. Tourism has played a big part in Kimberley’s life, providing her with the opportunity to live in Singapore for nine years. Fun fact: Kimberley is a licensed windsurfer and sailor.

Brenda is a 4th-year student majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management, minoring in Marketing. She loves travelling – having lived in China, Toronto, and British Columbia, having visited 8 countries and over 50 cities – she discovers the world’s incredible cultural diversity. “It’s insipring” She says, “It gets you out of comfort zone and puts life in perspectives”. And that’s why she’s passionate about this industry. She’s an outdoor adventurer, the mother nature is where she recharges and reflects. She’s a creator, photography is one of her favourite ways to tell stories. She’s an expressor, with practices at Toastmasters, she now has shared ideas by speaking at large conferences. Brenda is currently working in the hotel industry and will start her journey with Marriott Internationals as a Voyager upon graduation. She likes challenges, and she believes she can find innovative solutions, with a goal of making positive impacts on sustainability.

Noah Peng is a second year student studying Hospitality and Tourism Management. He is excited to take on this role in which, he will be responsible for reaching out and developing a solid partnership with external organizations for the team. On his spare time, Noah enjoys playing table tennis, playing chess and watching The Office.

Marketing Team

Samantha Soulodre-Whan is a 3rd year Hospitality and Tourism Management student, minoring in Marketing, at Ryerson University. She is part of the Top 200 Student program and is Vice President of Marketing for Ryerson Hospitality and Tourism Students’ Society. Samantha is a driven undergraduate student that is eager to get involved and make a positive impact in the hospitality and tourism industry. She has a passion for traveling and participated in the International Disney College Program as a Intern during the summer of 2017 at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In her free time she enjoys exploring Toronto and going on food adventures. Upon graduation, Samantha is hoping to pursue a career in marketing within the hospitality and tourism industry.

Anthony is a fourth year student in the HTM program. He is the Director of Marketing for RHTSS and is currently working to start Ryerson’s first Food & Wine Club. He has spent the past decade studying and working in the Canadian wine industry. After graduating from George Brown College’s Food & Beverage Diploma program Anthony decided to come to Ryerson to further his knowledge and passion for the hospitality industry. This is Anthony’s first year working with RHTSS and he hopes he can help the team make it a memorable year for all students.

Severina Sivalingam, is completing her fourth and final year of the Hospitality and Tourism Management program, while minoring in both history and marketing. During her time in the HTM program, Severina has been an HTMentor, and a General Member of Ryerson Women in Leader (RWIL). She is also a Student Intern for Hospitality Sales Marketing Association International (HSMAI), and a Quick Service Supervisor at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE). On her free time she loves to travel, read, and binge Netflix shows. After graduation Severina is hoping to pursue a career in marketing.

Rodgert is a 3rd year Hospitality and Tourism Management Co-op student minoring in Marketing. Unsure of what career path to pursue, he chose the program in the one industry he understood the most.Working in the service industry since high school, he developed a love for hospitality, finding ways to make people happy and create memorable moments is his forte. As a Co-op student Rodgert is using the opportunity to learn as much as he can to develop his skills and himself. Currently he is working at Courtyard Marriott and aspires to pursue a career in the hotel industry. On his days off you can find him carving hills on his longboard.

Grace is a 2nd year student in Hospitality and Tourism Management who has always been passionate about travelling. She is well knowledged on luxury hotel brands. Her personal favourite brands are Bulgari Hotels and Banyan Tree. She is also interested in special lodging experiences like capsule hotels and sound control hotels. Grace has a deep appreciation for arts and design. Her creativity inspires her to continue exploring areas like Airbnb homes and hotels’ interior design. This is also the reason why she chose the position as a photographer at RHTSS. Not only is she creative, she loves math and plans to pursue a career relative to finance in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

Simon is a 4th year student in Business Technology Management at Ryerson University. Through the triple bottom line, he is very passionate about helping the community and being a Project Manager at Enactus Ryerson.

Carole Zhou is a 3rd year student in the Graphic Communication Management program. She is in the position as graphic designer at RHTSS team, deliver messages through graphics is what she going for. She likes to get inspired by the surrounding.